Meet Fran Ferrell

To say I was born into baking would be an understatement (In fact, my family only lived in a house not above a bakery for 3 years during my childhood).

I’m a third generation baker, following in the footsteps of my father, and my mother’s dad before him.

The baking tradition began in 1942 when my grandfather built a large brick oven in his basement to start a bread route. My favorite photo is of him standing in front of a huge tub of dough at the Carr Biscuit Company. When he opened his second stand-alone bakery, we actually lived upstairs.

Then my father opened his own bakery, (we lived above that bakery too) and I was always mesmerized by his commitment to high standards. Everything he made had to look a certain way, be presented in a certain way, and of course, taste a certain way. With my father, “good” wasn’t good enough. He always believed that a baked good should be an experience and delivering a substandard product robbed people of that.

Each day after school I would walk through the bakery front door and help myself to whatever confection I was currently obsessed with. That could be eclairs, Danish pastries, or the occasional unpronounceable delicacy.

It’s why with our own company, The Village Baker, we only sell products that meet my father’s gold standard – As Good As Dad’s.

My baking career began using some of my father’s favorite recipes including his famous cinnamon bread, selected danish pastries, plus eclairs and creme puffs. And once I mastered those, things got interesting. Since then, I have prided myself on my eclectic taste and enduring love to experiment in the kitchen.

It’s why each month in your BakeBox selection you’ll be certain to get some pastries you’ve heard of and others you definitely won’t. Lucky for you, they taste good in any language.

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